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Creative Design Realty LLC is a boutique, real estate consulting firm. We match sellers with buyers, nation-wide on multi-family properties, hotels, land and commercial/industrial properties. Our team of quality, real-estate consultants match the seller’s needs with the buyer’s needs. We build the bridge and make the connection. Our experience has provided us with the expertise needed to ensure that the seller and buyer are provided with quality service, throughout the transaction process with our extensive network of affiliates, brokers, real-estate agents and buyer’s representative. Our team has proven experience with facilitating the closing of multi-million dollar deals and we have a comprehensive list of residential and commercial portfolios, to meet buyer needs.

Contact us at and ask to be added to our private, exclusive buyers list.

To be added to our private exclusive buyers, list. You must meet the following criteria to be added:

  • Be a direct buyer, via cash or financing and or a combination of both and

  • Have the financial capability to purchase properties, 1M and above.

Note: We do not accept daisy-chains or affiliate seller reps. or wholesalers.

We work exclusively and directly with the seller and buyers and don’t need any assistance from intermediates to connect buyers with sellers.

Buyers Moving to Acquire a Property – By the seller’s requests, be prepared to:

  • To provide current/bank statements (Proof of Funds), verified 1M and above within a week from the purchase of the property of interest and

  • Submit a “Letter of Intent” for portfolios 1M and above

  • For release of property information an “non-disclosure agreement (NDA)”, will also have to be signed.

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